Psalm 100: 1-2 : Juig tot eer van die Here, almal op aarde! Dien die Here met blydskap! Kom voor Hom met gejubel!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

As precious as pearls.

The Truth that the Almighty has given us is precious. It is the pearl of great price, a priceless gift that is worth more than all the riches of the universe. Because it is precious, it is rare.

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  1. In Mat 7:6 we are instructed by our Lord Jesus Christ not to “cast our pearls before swine”. That is, to give things of value to those who will not understand or appreciate it. So can we say that this verse teaches us that we should not waste our time trying to feed the Gospel or the deep things of God to those who are not ready or willing to receive them?