Psalm 100: 1-2 : Juig tot eer van die Here, almal op aarde! Dien die Here met blydskap! Kom voor Hom met gejubel!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ancient of days / Blessings and honour

(Beautiful song by Ron Kenoly)
Blessing and honor, glory and power,
Be unto the Ancient of Days.
From every nation, all of creation,
Bows before the Ancient of Days.
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  1. Every tongue in heaven and earth
    Shall declare Your glory,
    Every knee shall bow at Your throne,
    In worship,
    You will be exalted, oh God,
    And Your kingdom shall not pass away,
    Oh Ancient of Days.

    Your kingdom shall reign over all the earth,
    Sing unto the Ancient of Days.
    None can compare to Your matchless works,
    Sing unto the Ancient of Days.