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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Understanding Rick Warren’s purpose driven movement

Ek het onlangs ‘n DVD gelees waarop Bob DeWaay kortliks vertel oor ‘n boek waarin hy Rick Warren se purpose driven movement kritiseer. Die titel van DeWaay se boek/DVD is:

Redefining Christianity – understanding the purpose driven movement (lees hier en lees ook ASSEBLIEF die kommentare!):

Hier is ‘n klein stukkie kommentaar uit ‘n baie lang stuk:
“As Pastor DeWaay articulately states, Warren adeptly redefines Christianity around the PDL model of giving people what they want and downplaying most teaching, doctrine, and end-times prophecy. Warren does this largely through the use of multiple bible translations, relying heavily on paraphrases that too often subtly raise the importance and power of man over the sovereignty and holiness of God. Especially strong is DeWaay's documentation of how the Warren church model emphasizes evangelism rather than discipleship. This philosophy is best seen in that the desires of the unsaved are paramount and drive the content and format in the seeker-sensitive church. DeWaay however proves that the early church in the Book of Acts and the epistles were primarily for believers. Unbelievers were welcome but the church meetings were to focus on the needs and development of the believers (Hebrews 10:25 and I Cor 14:23), not the fleshly wants of unbelievers.”

Nog ‘n stukkie uit die kommentaar:
“In summary, America doesn't need "Purpose-Driven Life" or 75 percent of the junk that litters the shelves of Christian bookstores. America needs preachers like Bob DeWaay and the gospel preaching described in his outstanding book to reach a hurting world in need of hope and redemption. We need heartfelt worship in our services and songs without the need for earplugs that teach deep biblical truth while conveying God's holiness, majesty and sovereignty to a skeptical world. That's what will reach the world for Christ and address the Great Commission.”

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