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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Is there life on other planets?

The newly discovered “Goldilocks” , a planet which may support some or other form of life, has revived this age-old question. It is also addressed under the topic “Aliens and Christians” by Prof. Dr John Bijl here:
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  1. More about this issue can be read here:
    Another Christian scientist who has been asking similar questions for many years, Prof Dr David Block says: “Among astronomers today there is great theistic sentiment, where even if scientists don't say Jesus has made the universe, they are coming to the very distinct conclusion that the universe is not an accident. The "Big Bang" was not a cosmological firecracker. As the physicist Freeman Dyson put it, the universe seemed to be acting in anticipation for the appearance of mankind” (here:
    Read more about Dr Block here: