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Thursday, October 21, 2010

"The greatest disgrace in Christian history?"

"The Episcopal Church is the greatest disgrace in Christian history and it is being led down the path by so called Christian leadership." (
Lausanne III conference, read more under comments, and also read here: )

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  1. "One way in which western church leaders have addressed Christian claims to truth is to characterize them as exclusive and argue for inclusivity, commented Church of England blogger Canon Chris Sugden.

    Guinness replied that inclusivity is indifference to truth which is profoundly dangerous. He referred to a conversation with a Roman Catholic cardinal who noted that while the Borgia popes, one of whom fathered children with his own daughter, never denied a single issue of the creed. Leaders in The Episcopal Church deny much of the creed and remain in post.

    Guinness argued that the Church has always made distinctions because truth matters. Inclusivity is indifferent to truth. There is respectful tolerance (based on freedom of conscience) and sloppy tolerance, which is muddle headed, ethical folly and a slipway to real evil. "There are some profoundly dangerous ideas around and they should be challenged." Or, in teen speak, "whatever" leads to "anything goes".

    "Western Protestant liberals have lost their collective theological nerve. Our life is to live out the truth. His word is truth, we can live out the truth," concluded Guinness.