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Saturday, September 18, 2010

“We're going to name her Hope!”

Desperate people, in desperate circumstances, but still hopeful .... This story is SOOO inspiring!
A baby girl has just been born to the wife of Ticona, one of the 33 men who have been trapped underground for more than40 days after a mine in northern Chile collapsed. A rare piece of good news among all the bad, when Esperanza Ticona was born, weighing nearly 7lbs and measuring almost 19ins long.

'Tell her to change the name of our daughter... and give her a long-distance kiss!' Ticona said as the other miners shouted: 'We're going to name her Hope!'

Segovia, Ticona’s wife, told Chile's Canal 13 network that she had exactly the same thought about her name.

'She was going to be named Carolina Elizabeth, but now her name will be Esperanza Elizabeth".

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